Thursday, February 02, 2006

"A Day As Ms. Cathy's Secretary" The Next Day

The Next Day

Awaking early the next morning I lied in bed wondering could all that happen been a dream. Turning the light on next to my bed I had realized it was no dream. For hanging on my closet door was the satin lime green skirt suit
given to me by Ms. Cathy the day before. Horrified yet excited I realized I needed to get ready for my new job. I took a very quick shower, I realized I should shave my legs, as Ms. Cathy would surely disaprove of hairy male legs. Afterwards I dusted myself with some baby powder to give my skin a nice silky feel. I then slipped into my satin panty and bra . The feeling of the satin next to my skin as I slid the panties up gave me a instant errection. Thankfully with my size it did not produce much of a unsightly bulge.
Next I filled my bra with rolled up socks to give the apearance of breasts, of course not to large but enough to give the illustion of breasts. After slipping on my skirt suit I looked at my self in the mirror. I thought I looked ok, but my hair being very short and no make up what was I going to do. Then remembering that a lady friend of mine had left some of Her stuff here I decided to take a look.To my suprise there was a wig
and some make -up in the box. I quickly put the wig on and applyed my make-up the best I could and left for my new job.Having no car I had to walk into work, thankfully it was not that far away. On the way I did recieve a few glances from mainly Woman who im sure new i was a man. I was even stopped by one Lady who questioned me as to why I was dressed the way I was. With a snicker and smile from Her i was on my way.
Arriving at the office I set about cleaning the office areas and getting the coffee ready for Ms. Cathy and the Other Woman. I was just finishing up in Ms. Cathy's office when She walked in "Well Good Morning sissy" I greeded Ms. Cathy and ask if I could get Her a cup of coffee. Responding "Yes" I hurried to get it for Her. When I returned There was another Lady in the Office, it was the receptionist from the day before. "sissy" Ms. Cathy said "This is Linda, My Outgoing Personal Assistant" I greeted Ms. Linda and asked if She would like anything as well. Ms. Cathy said later, and sat down behind Her desk with Ms. Linda at Her side. I quickly placed the coffee on Ms. Cathy's desk,being sure to place it on the coster and awaited futher instructions. " There Is One Thing You Will Need To Remember Said Ms. Cathy And That's To Curtsy When Entering Or Leaving Any Woman's Presence Is That Understood?" I nodded my head "yes" without speaking. "Now Linda Will Take You Out And Explain What Else Will Be Expected Of You Here". "Also sissy Did You Remember The Cookies Or Cake Like I Told You Yesterday ?" She asked as Ms Linda and I were about to leave. I turned with my head down and shook my head "no". " Well I Will Deal With That Later sissy Now Go."
I was told what my duties were to be by Ms. Linda, taking calls, filing papers, greeting clients and errands and such. Ms. Linda told me that She was promoted, into the Staff and how Ms. Cathy and the Other Ladies wanted a sissy boy for Their secretary/receptionist. Well I guess that's just what They got. It was around 10 am when Ms. Linda was called into Ms. Cathy's office. Returning with a very sinister smile on Her face She said " I have some errands to run " and left. I was then called into Ms. Cathy's Office. Arriving I gently knocked on Her door and awaited for a response before entering. Standing at the front of Ms. Cathy's desk I curtsied as instructed and awaited futher instructions. While awaiting for my insrtuctions to my horror I seen some butt pugs and dildo's on Ms. Cathy's desk "So you Failed To Follow A Simple Instruction sissy" said Ms. Cathy looking up from Her papers. Now you will be punished. With a evil grin on Her face I was instructed to bend myself over Her desk. " I Must Say sissy Does Look Good Today " as I felt the smooth caress of Ms. Cathy's hands running up my legs. Then I heard Her say " But I Think sissy Need's A Little Reminder" it was then I felt my skirt being lifted up around my waist and my panties being pulled down to my ankles. Then I felt a cool gell being applyed to my butt hole and Ms Cathy's gloved finger's going in and out of my hole. " There All Lubed Up " the only thing i could do was shake as I awaited my fate. " From Here On Out your Hole Is Mine Now, Futher More This sissy Hole Is To Remain Lubed Up At All Times " with that I felt the tip of the pink plug
being inserted into my hole which now belonged to Ms Cathy. As Ms. Cathy pulled my panties back up and pulled my skirt back down She said that I would have to wear this plug for the rest of the month, only removing it when I had Her permision. I was then ordered to my knees infront of Ms. Cathy. At which point She produced the dildo "Start Sucking My Sweet sissy" with some hesitation I took the dildo in my mouth. Gently sliding my lips up and down the shaft as instructed by Ms. Cathy. Soon I was able to take the whole thing without gaging. " Good sissy, your Such A Good Cock Sucker " She stated. I was then ordered to stand infront of Her desk again. At this point my cock and gotten harder than ever before and it did not go unnoticed. " So sissy Liked That Did She ? Well I Will Be Sure To Call you In Every So Often For A Refresher And May Be you Will Remember My Directions Next Time Won't you Sissy ? " I nodded yes and was ordered back to my desk. I curtsied and walked back to my desk. As I walked backed I could not help but feel as though I was waddling as i walked with the plug up in my hole. And I am sure not to forget the cookies and cake next time.

To Be Continued ........

Special Thanks to :
Victoria's Secret - panty and bra
Barrie Pace - skirt suit
Wigs.Com wig
Dear Lady - plug and dildo

"A Day As Ms. Cathy's Secretary"

My day started out as any other day. Getting my self ready for work, I knew this could be the last day on the job for me as pink slips were being handed out today. As fate would have it I was let go. Walking home that evening I noticed a advertisment in the local paper " Personal Assistant Needed " reading more it said " Great pay and Benifits, No experience needed, apply in person at 123 Right St. This sounded very interesting as this was my previous job and I figured I stood a better than avarage chance being experienced. How was I to know then what sort of trouble being experienced would get me into.
Ariving first thing that morning, I noticed that the building was a old victorian home converted into a office building. Taking a deep breath I walked in. I was greeted with a stern look by the recptionist and was told to have a seat and that someone would be with me shortly. Looking around I noticed that everything was styled in a old victorian style. That's when i noticed the painting of the most increadabley beautifull Woman I had ever seen. Her hair was a golden blond which framed her face like a picture. Her eyes were a light blue, even though it was a painting they seemed to see right through me. And her full pouty lips just begging to be kissed. It was the buzz of the intercome that brought me back I heard the voice say " Send him in ". I was shown to a inner office were to my delight there she was Ms. Cathy. I stood there just memorized by her true beauty, not being able to speak. Then She spoke in a most beautifull velvet voice " Are you going to sit or just stand there memorized dear " without a word I took the seat infront of Ms. Cathy's desk. So your here for the job I assume said Ms. Cathy. All I could do was nodd yes. Well She said you do seem to fit the build Im looking for, Do you know what We do here?asked Ms. Cathy. I shook my head no, still not able to speak. The silant type Good She said, I like my assistants quiet to speak only when told to do so. Ms. Cathy went on to explain what She did. I do legal work for Woman's Rights and agencies. Does this bother you, finally able to speak i said in a soft manner " No as I believe strongly in this myself " With a smile growing on Ms.Cathy's face she said " Perfect Then your hired ". I said " thats it ", was my thinking ever wrong. Taking a seat behind Her desk, Ms Cathy said oh no My dear there's more, much more. You see My dear most of My clients hate men and if they saw you they would leave and I just can't have that now can I. I shook my head in puzzlement. So inorder for you to work and fit in here you will need to dress the part as My Personal Assistant. At this point She went to Her closet and took out this skirt suit, it was a lime green satin outfit, the skirt was a mini style zipping on the side and the jacket was long sleave with a V neckline with bows running down the front. Handing the suit to me She turned and retrieved a matching pair of bra and panty set and stockings. The bra and panties were a pink satin bikini style, something I have seen in many Victoria's Secrets catalogs. Again returning to Her closet Ms. Cathy retrieve a pair of 5 " heels to match the skirt suit. With a stern and commanding voice Ms Cathy said " This is what you will wear My pretty sissy like it or not, Now strip ". Unable to disobay I took off all my clothing and dressed in my new cloths. I was ordered to stand and Ms Cathy looked me over. Yes you will do very well My sissy. A look came over me of disbelief and Ms Cathy said Oh what's the matter sissy don't like what's happening? Well too bad. I own you. With that I gave into Her most Superior will. Now for your duties sissy. You wil be required to show up here 2 hours before opening to clean the offices and have Our coffee ready for Us. You will do dictations and answer the phone's. Of course there will be filing and such as well. You will also be expected to greet our cliants and show them to whom thay come to see. There will be errands as well, and yes My sissy you will be dressed in your finest Woman's Skirt Suit's when you go out. With my heat racing all I could do was agree with Ms. Cathy. Oh My dear sissy I almost forgot Our clients love fresh baked good like cookies and cakes so you will be responsable for baking these the night before. It was then I was excused and told to return the next day to begin my new job as Ms. Cathy's personal assistant. When I asked for my male clothing Ms. Cathy said i would not need them and what I was wearing would be fine to go home in. All the looks and geers and teesing i recieved on the way home was so humiliating I was sure to do my best to make myself look the part of Ms Cathy's (Female) personal assistant for the next day.